Future of Oakville: Kerr Village

By: Nate Van Beilen

Future of Oakville: Kerr Village

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The town of Oakville has published numerous documents outlining longer term plans for the future of Oakville. This post will focus on Oakville’s plans for Kerr Village which is bounded by Lakeshore Road West to the south and the railway tracks to the north, and lies east of Maurice Drive and west of Queen Mary Drive.

Kerr Village will accommodate intensification through new development with a mix of residential and commercial uses. The Village will also continue to function as a location for institutional, recreational and public open space uses. The goal is to revitalize Kerr Village as a vibrant business district and cultural area. Some of the major points of the plan include the following:

-Sustainable growth through developing compact urban form into high density housing

-Promoting pedestrian and transit options for easy access to downtown Oakville, the Go Station, and the proposed employment opportunities in Midtown Oakville

-High quality streetscapes and open spaces to create a comfortable, accessible and unique community

-Opportunities for affordable housing combined with creating employment opportunities in the Upper Kerr Village District

-A gathering point for the community, such as a market, shall be encouraged in the main street of Kerr Village

-The feasibility of creating a new or improved east-west pedestrian/cycling connection across Sixteen Mile Creek in the general area of the QEW/Speers Road shall be investigated by the Town.

-In terms of growth, it is anticipated that Kerr Village can accommodate 5,000 residents and 1,500 jobs, including 1,200 new residential units. In addition, there is the potential for 900 more residential units with transit improvements

For a more detailed breakdown of Kerr Village plans, please visit the Oakville Website. Stay tuned for more Future of Oakville Posts.

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